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McDonald’s saw overwhelming success when it first tested its plant-based burger in Sweden and Finland last year. While there isn’t yet any news as to how soon the company may introduce something similar to its menus in the United States, the success of this burger overseas bodes well for us Americans who’d love nothing more than to enjoy a plant-based feast at the Golden

The head of McDonald’s food strategy in Sweden, Staffan Ekstam, stated that the test conducted in Finland blew all of their expectations out of the water, and that they were happy to have the patty on their menu for the 400,000 guests who visit every day. And impressively, they offered the burger at a competitively low price that was less than the average McDonald’s menu item and considerably cheaper than their Swedish rival Max.

Of course, the big question everyone’s asking: How does it taste? Reports indicate that the burger’s quite good. One friend of mine who enjoyed it even told me it was among the best plant-based burgers he’s had. It’s complemented by the classic ingredients of lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mustard, ketchup, and an eggless vegan “McFeast Sauce” served on a sesame seed bun, which no doubt helps.

Time will tell how soon we may be able to enjoy something like the McVegan in the U.S. Considering that the word “vegan” in the US is often a turnoff for mainstream consumers, let’s hope McDonald’s comes up with a better name but as great a burger.