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Paul Shapiro

So you want to give plant-based eating a try. A lot of folks do it because they want to help lighten their footprint on the planet and the animals who inhabit it. But perhaps even more people do it because their want to lighten the burden they’re placing on their own bodies. In fact, a whole food plant-based diet has avast array of health benefits.

Why do plants do a body good? Turns out, lots of reasons.

Give Yourself Better Odds

People following a plant-based diet have lower rates of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other leading killers of Americans. As Dr. Michael Greger points out in his bestselling book How Not to Die, if you want to live longer, the evidence shows that eating lots of whole plant foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, mushrooms, and whole grains, for example) and few animal products is the way to go.  

Lower Body Fat

Vegetarians and vegans tend to have lower body masses than their meat-eating counterparts. In a country plagued by historically high rates of obesity, this can help be the difference between major health problems or longer lifespan.

Less Inflammation

You probably already know that inflammation doesn’t exactly do a body good. If you doubt it, read this. So, what foods are anti-inflammatory? Unsurprisingly, plants are the champs here.

From berries and beans to fruit and flax, the diet that prevents inflammation doesn’t include many foods from animals.

Even More

These are just a few of the favors you’ll do yourself if you eat lower on the food chain. If you want to be reminded of even more reasons, sign up for this daily short video from Dr. Greger with cool info on more benefits of powering yourself with plants.