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Do a search for “plant-based” or “vegan” and prepare to be inundated. Demand for information about how to enjoy more meat-free meals has never been higher, but at the same time there’s never been more sources available out there. What’s an aspiring herbivore to do?

No doubt there are many awesome resources out there, but here are some of personal faves: – the all-encompassing site put out by Dr. Michael Greger, author of the mega-bestseller How Not to Die. For years he’s been producing a video a day (literally every single day) reviewing the scientific literature on everything from the benefits of soy to the perils meat-heavy diets.

Plant Based on a Budget – Okay, so I have a personal bias here as the site’s run by my fiance Toni Okamoto. But seriously, there’s a reason it’s so popular: really good recipes and videos that show how easy it to save dough by eating veggies.

World of Vegan – Just how easy is it to be vegan? Long-time animal advocate Michelle Cehn helps you with more resources than you can imagine on her very useful site.

Kristie Middleton – The author of Meat-Less, Kristie’s a guru of helping institutions incorporate more plant-based meat into their offerings. But her site is great for helping individuals like you too, with easy recipes for everything from your homemade oat milk to nacho cheese made from potatoes and carrots. (I’ve had it–seriously: it rocks.)

HappyCow – Traveling and not sure where to eat? This site (and the app, which I highly recommend) has your back. Just enter a zip code or city into the site’s search engine and see all the places that will make eating vegan food fun and delicious. I use it pretty much in every new city I’m ever in.

If you’re already convinced of the “why” to choose plant-based, these sites are great for offering you the “how.” In addition, I’d recommend making friends who share the same passion. New behaviors are far more likely to stick if you surround yourself with others who are practice them!